I’m a Technology Executive with over 20 years of software development, architecture, IT, and “hands-on” leadership experience, spanning various technologies, industries, and company growth stages.

I’ve held executive positions at small and mid-sized companies, built several successful engineering teams from scratch, and led engineering teams at three companies through acquisitions. I’ve been responsible for hiring, mentoring, employee retention, and partner/vendor management in all of these positions.

As a result of my desire to “do the right thing for the company”, I’m accustomed to wearing many hats and have often found myself simultaneously fulfilling two or more of the following roles:

• Manager
• Developer
• Recruiter
• DevOps
• Site Ops/Production Support
• Product Manager
• Release Engineer
• IT
• QA

I’m a bootstrapper at heart – I’m most passionate about building world-class v1.0 products and organizations based on sustainable best practices and helping course-correct and scale those that aren’t.

My Core Competencies Are:
  • Mentoring and motivating teams and individuals
  • Managing onsite and offshore development teams
  • Recruiting, hiring, employee retention
  • Project management/agile methodologies
  • Vendor and partner management
  • Process improvement
  • Product development
  • Technology selection
  • Tool and framework design
  • Automation